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Seven Oaks Ranch is a beautiful 350 acre preserve just outside Santa Margarita in Pozo Valley, the heart of Central California. Historic San Luis Obispo and California Polytechnic State University are a mere fifteen miles away from our ranch which is surrounded by over 200 vineyards and wineries.

Seven Oaks Ranch

Welcome to Seven Oaks Ranch, where country elegance meets rustic beauty. Get away from the hustle and the bustle of the city, and relax at our quintessential country hideaway. Relaxation awaits!

Thank you for visiting the Seven Oaks Ranch website, your #1 central coast ranch rental of choice. There are many fun things to do on the ranch, including skeet shooting, hiking and horseshoes. We even have a small country bumpkin golf course. Our Santa Margarita ranch is your charming hideaway from the ‘real’ world. Book your reservation today!

Things To Do

Wine Tours

This is wine country!

Eat & Drink

Enjoy Pozo Saloon or Ancient Peaks Winery


Exciting biking trails at Santa Margarita Lake.

Ranch Activities

Common Questions

Yes We do.

No. It is usually only full in Spring. The ranch has several ponds and streams which are usually full during the months of February through May, however, they can evaporate over the summer season. Drought years sometimes leave us stream and pondless until the next fruitful, rainy season.

ADDRESSS: 5373 Parkhill Rd, Santa Margarita, CA 93453

Seven Oaks Ranch is a beautiful 350 acre preserve just outside Santa Margarita in Pozo Valley, the heart of Central California. Historic San Luis Obispo and California Polytechnic State University are a mere fifteen miles away. The ranch is surrounded by over 200 vineyards and wineries. The beaches of Avila, Pismo, Shell and Cayucos, as well as San Luis and Morro Bays, lie within a 45 minute drive from the ranch. Also within that range are the quaint historic towns of Templeton, Cambria, Paso Robles, Arroyo Grande and Los Osos.

The Missions at San Luis Obispo and San Miguel, as well as the Hearst Castle and Pozo Saloon, also provide entertaining afternoons.

If you have a party of more than 12 people, we will discuss a separate fee structure, approval and special arrangements must be made for parties exceeding 12 people.

The GREAT OAK HOUSE has three flat-screen televisions. One is located above the bar in the large pool table room with a wood-burning stove, where easy viewing from the four wing back chairs creates a lovely, relaxed afternoon happy hour location. A 60′ flat screen television is placed in the comfortable living room, also with a wood-burning stove, where larger groups can gather for the movie experience. In the den, just off the large kitchen and sitting room, is a 40′ flat-screen television for more intimate and informative viewing. The kitchen bar seats four people, just adjacent to the large dining room, where two 7′ x 4′ dining tables provide ample, comfortable dining for 16 people.

Yes, but you must be a guest staying at the ranch. Our guests enjoy the peaceful atmosphere the ranch has to offer — ‘quintessential quietude’. Rolling hills covered with many trees of different varieties surrounding four seasonal ponds and streams provide you with the opportunity to picnic or read a book under an oak giant that has been shading that spot for over 500 years. Imagine!


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Seven Oaks Ranch

Seven Oaks Ranch is a beautiful 350 acre ranch located in Santa Margarita, California.

“This property exceeded our expectations! The house is huge, comfortable, and clean!” -Alyssa L.

Alyssa, we can’t thank you enough for the kind words about your experience with Seven Oaks Ranch.

#SevenOaksRanch #SevenOaksRanch805 #santamargarita #familyvacation #ranchhouse #ranchlife #vacationrentals #vacationrentalhomes #805living
“Hospitality Beyond Compare.” -John L.

#SevenOaksRanch #SevenOaksRanch805 #familyvacation
Franciscan missionaries began growing grapes at Santa Margarita Ranch in 1780. The “Mission Trail” connected 21 missions throughout the 600-mile El Camino Real. This trail runs through the area which made it a natural stopping place for stagecoaches and Wells Fargo. Located in the heart of San Luis Obispo County, the production of wine has continued in the area. To understand this wine region, sample the wine selection at @ancientpeaks Ancient Peaks Winery. Their wine tasting room allows you to taste the wines produced there.

The wines are produced in small, crafted lots that are unique to the Paso Robles Wine region. During the tasting, each wine is paired with a tasting bite so that you can learn, not only about the wine production, but also about foods that it pairs well with. Small groups are welcome for a walk-in visit. Larger groups of eight or more require a reservation.

Following the tasting, take home a little bit of Santa Margarita wine to enjoy at home. Have lunch in the winery’s café then take a vineyard tour to learn more about the work the winery does. This is a great activity near Seven Oaks Ranch you won’t want to miss. 

📷 @ancientpeaks
“The highest praise we could give is that each time we've stayed here, we've talked (while still on the trip) about the next time we would be coming to stay at Seven Oaks Ranch.” -Andy C., Santa Monica, CA

Looking forward to seeing you again soon Monica and thanks again!

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If you love to hike, you will enjoy the breathtaking views of @oysterridge  Oyster Ridge at Ancient Peaks in Santa Margarita, CA.⠀
📷 @oysterridge
“Our family of 4 had an amazing stay at this ranch and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The property is well kept and you get a real feel of being in wilderness within the ranch, surreal and quiet! “-Nykaj N., Los Gatos, USA

#SevenOaksRanch #SevenOaksRanch805 #santamargarita #familyvacation #vrbo #vrborental #airbnb #ranchhouse #ranchlife
“We love that this place covers all the bases we could've needed for 3 nights away from home (with kiddos this time), and it's great to know there's A/C if you need it.” -Andy C. / Santa Monica, CA

#SevenOaksRanch #SevenOaksRanch805 #santamargarita #vacationhouse #ranchliving #ranchhouse #ranchlife  #winetasting #longweekend
“Perfect relaxing weekend.” -Alyssa L.

#SevenOaksRanch #SevenOaksRanch805 #familyvacation #ranchhouse #ranchlife #vrbo #vrborental #airbnb #vacationrentals #vacationrentalhomes #805living #skeetshooting #countryside #vacationhouse #ranchliving
“Not only were the house, acreage and abundant wildlife even better than described - but the time spent on Shotgun Hill will be remembered for a lifetime.” -John L.

#SevenOaksRanch #SevenOaksRanch805 #santamargarita #vacationhouse #ranchliving #ranchhouse #ranchlife  #winetasting #longweekend