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Ancient Peaks Winery

Santa Margarita Wine Tasting – Ancient Peaks Winery

Owned by Santa Margarita Ranch Owner. Over 900 acres of choice grapes. Must Taste!

Along the southernmost reaches of Paso Robles lies Margarita Vineyard, cradled by the Santa Lucia mountains just 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean.  

There are no other vineyards in the vicinity, so Margarita Vineyard stands alone in benefiting from the remarkable growing conditions of the surrounding Santa Margarita Ranch AVA.  

Here, the vines unfold along a rare diversity of five soil types—ancient sea bed, shale, rocky alluvium, granitic and volcanic—amid one of Paso Robles’ coolest growing environments. The sense of place here is vivid, and we are dedicated to expressing it in our wines. 

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